Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience GFE from Schiphol escort is more than an escort service.
It is the pleasure of a partner who spends a few hours, a day or evening with you.
A kiss, a hug, a laugh, a dinner and a truly romantic evening.
It is all possible with the services of Schiphol Escort.
From a day or weekend in Amsterdam to a city trip in Europe.
Discover our packages.
Make Some of Your Girlfriend Experience.

Like your girlfriend

Your GFE, together as with a friend.
Why not enjoy everything you would do with your girlfriend?
A date … To get to know each other better, a day in the sauna to recharge your batteries, a city trip
to see the world, a lunch or dinner to enjoy together, or a completely unique composition according to your needs. Schiphol Escort makes it possible with its Girlfriend Experience (GFE).
As you may know, you cannot build intimacy in one hour.
We advise you a minimum of two hours.

The Girlfriend Experience with class

For its Girlfriend Experience (GFE), Schiphol Escort attaches enormous value to class, service and respect.
Because only in an attractive environment with guaranteed privacy can true intimacy flourish.
Your escort is therefore not just anyone.
She is a classy lady who also knows how intimacy works in real life.
So someone with substance; who can talk, laugh, and have a reply.
Someone with whom you can connect both physically and mentally.

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